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Empowering Cybersecurity Futures

Cyblack is aimed at helping Cybersecurity students in Europe. This community is dedicated to networking and collaboration amongst cybersecurity students. We are on a mission to connect Cybersecurity Professionals in Europe while providing internship opportunities to student studying in Europe. To be a Global Network of CyberSecurity Talents. To Provide Opportunities for CyberSecurity Talents to kickstart and enhance their careers.


Our Community: Driving Innovation in Cybersecurity

At Cyblack, we pride ourselves on fostering a vibrant and supportive community. Our community is the heart of everything we do, and we cherish the connections we’ve built with each member. Whether you’re a customer, partner, or simply someone interested in what we do, we welcome you with open arms.


See what members of our community have to say about their experience with Cyblack

Ubong Clifford
Ubong CliffordCyblack Intern
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I first met Dr. Iretee on Twitter and followed her post and update, been on several space with her, where she talked about her mentorship program and show competitive it is to get accepted. I never knew of cyblack as at the time, all I wanted was a mentor. A lot happened, time flew, I got accepted into her mentorship program and I learned of CyBlack and indicated interest in the internship. After some screening test, I got accepted and months into the internship I got a message from a particular organization to submit my resume for a security analyst position which I did submit. Had couple of interviews and today I'm currently a practicing Cyber Security Analyst.
Robinson Isreal
Robinson IsrealCyblack Intern
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The impact of Cyblack on my journey cannot be overstated. They offered me their time, a supportive community, and, most significantly, they played a pivotal role in shaping my understanding of this domain. I encountered individuals within the Cyblack circle whom I turn to whenever I encounter challenges or confusion at work. It's not just an organization; it's a remarkable family that has had a profound influence on my growth in this field.
Akinwumi Ajose-Adeogun
Akinwumi Ajose-AdeogunCyblack Intern
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The work being done by CyBlack should be a blueprint for everyone concerned about the lack of manpower in the Cyber Security space. I hope soon enough, companies will partner with CyBlack in a way that Interns are recommended directly to companies upon graduating.
Arisekola Sunday
Arisekola SundayCyblack Intern
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As far as cybersecurity in concerned, Cyblack is my propeller.
Arisekola Sunday
Arisekola SundayCyblack Intern
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I saw a lot of testimonies on Twitter of how much cyblack had helped to secure different roles and I really wanted to partake but then I did not even know how to apply until a friend asked if I was interested and she applied for me. During the internship, it was a lot of hands on tasks that were given, I had to do a lot of studies and meetings with my team. This built my abilities to do research, work with a team, meet deadlines and make presentations. When I started my recruitment process (the company held an internship for 6 weeks), I was already a star, most of the things being taught were things I had experience with as a result of CyBlack's internship so I easily landed the role as a Cyber defense analyst and even graduated top of the internship.

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